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George: R150
Mosselbay: R200
Knysna: R250
Wilderness: R200
Plett: R400
Stilbaai: R500
Oudtshoorn: R300
View Macadamia
View Pecannut
Almonds Non Parell
View Almonds Non Parell
Autumn Royal (Grape)
View Autumn Royal (Grape)
Bears (Lime)
View Bears (Lime)
View Blompruim
Boland (Peach)
View Boland (Peach)
Early Bon Chretien Pear
View Early Bon Chretien Pear
Early Red Apple
View Early Red Apple
Elberta Peach
View Elberta Peach
Eureka (Lemon)
View Eureka (Lemon)
Evita (Fig)
View Evita (Fig)
Fairtime Peach
View Fairtime Peach
Flavour Top (Nectarin)
View Flavour Top (Nectarin)
Frantoio Olive
View Frantoio Olive
Golden (Apple)
View Golden (Apple)
Harry Pickstone Plum
View Harry Pickstone Plum
Kaapse Bruinvy
View Kaapse Bruinvy
Kadota Figs
View Kadota Figs
Kakamas Peach
View Kakamas Peach
View Kumquat
Lospit Perske
View Lospit Perske
Methley (Plum)
View Methley (Plum)
Mission (Olive)
View Mission (Olive)
Nova (Mandarin)
View Nova (Mandarin)
Oom Sarel (Peach)
View Oom Sarel (Peach)
Peerless (Almonds)
View Peerless (Almonds)
Pomelo (Grape Fruit)
View Pomelo (Grape Fruit)
Pomegranate (Wonderfull)
View Pomegranate (Wonderfull)
Safari (Peach)
View Safari (Peach)
Sugarone (Grape)
View Sugarone (Grape)
Sun Sweet Prune
View Sun Sweet Prune
Texas Mission (Almond)
View Texas Mission (Almond)
Triumph (Pear)
View Triumph (Pear)
Van Riebeeck Peach
View Van Riebeeck Peach
Washington (Navel)
View Washington (Navel)
White Genova Fig
View White Genova Fig
View Blueberry
Peach Fairtime
View Peach Fairtime
Leccino Olive
View Leccino Olive
Wild Olive
View Wild Olive
Tommy Atkins Mango
View Tommy Atkins Mango
Schinus Pecan tree
View Schinus Pecan tree
Peach/San Petro
View Peach/San Petro
Wildebessie Tree
View Wildebessie Tree
View Litchi
Pinkelton Avos
View Pinkelton Avos
Blueberries Star
View Blueberries Star
Blueberries Misty
View Blueberries Misty
Blueberries Brightwell
View Blueberries Brightwell
Macadamia Nuts
View Macadamia Nuts
View Quince